Закрита сцена 6х4


When building the stage or podium, we fully comply with the needs and requirements of our customers. We can build structures of different shapes and heights.

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Technical Parameters


We use modular practicables with a size of 2x1m. With them, we build constructions of different shapes and heights. The height can be from 0.30 to 3 meters. The vehicles are made of aluminum by the company “Nivtec” and this makes it possible to use them in any terrain and conditions (even in water areas).


Back drop

According to your requirements, we can build only a back or make a roof over the whole stage.

To build a back, we use 2 basic solutions:

– Global Truss elements with vinyl, mainly preferred for outdoor events.

– an aluminum frame for a textile back, which looks extremely elegant and delicate in a hall, and is also used for a photo corner.

Stage Roof

For the construction of a roof for the stage, we must comply with the standards for their dimensions, namely:

– 6x4m., 8x6m., 10x8m., 12x10m.





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