LED Screens

The best option for outdoor events and when keeping a high image contrast

TVs for rent

Here you will find the most suitable TVs for your event

Projectors for rent

When a large image is needed, but at a lower cost

TVs for rent

We offer a wide range of sizes and types of TVs (screens) for rent with high brightness and high image contrast. You can use the form below to check availability or contact us by phone or email.
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LED screens for rent

LED screens for rent provide many advantages. Their excellent brightness and color performance have become a staple for stages, conferences, exhibitions, private and corporate events, etc. A big advantage is also the high resolution and image quality provided by our rental LED screens, which give the best visual experience for the audience.


The screen can be used from -20℃ to +50℃


The screen curves so that the angle between each panel can be from -15 to 15 degrees

Fast setup

Reduced assembly and disassembly time


The highest level of protection against rain and dust

Never Black Screen

A function where if the power supply of one panel burns out, the adjacent ones supply current

Your size

Dimensions across 50 cm in each direction

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Projectors for rent

We offer different types of projectors and screens with different sizes, you can check for availability below in the form.

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You can book an appointment for a free consultation with our specialist. Consultations can be in person at our office or yours, as well as online.

The consultation is not tied to a purchase!

The purpose of the consultation is for customers to be able to make an informed decision when renting equipment or requesting a service.


Use our calculator to find out what the cost of renting equipment for your event will be



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