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We have a wide range of columns, audio mixers,  amplifiers, wired and wireless microphones, signal processors, column and microphone stands, and other rental accessories. The speakers we use are from leading manufacturers: RCF, Precision Sound, Oberton, JBL, Behringer, etc. Mainly the sound systems are with standard or line array (Line Array) columns.

For any questions related to the speakers and sound systems that we rent out, you can contact us, and with the help of the calculator, you can calculate yourself how much the service will cost you. 

Our rich experience allows us to offer our customers a variety of solutions for:

Sound rental for events

Sound hire for weddings

Sound hire for festivals

Sound rental for private parties

Sound rental for children's parties

Sound rental for corporate events

Sound rental for advertising campaigns

Sound rental for concerts

Sound rental for meetings

Sound rental for promotions

Sound rental for private parties

Sound rental for all events


Technical parameters

What do you need to know when renting a sound system?

Standard columns

Standard speakers are used when sounding small and medium-sized events. They are easily combined and different configurations can be made depending on the type and shape of the venue.


line array

Line Array (Line Array) sound system is recommended for use at large outdoor or indoor events. The system we have available has a power of up to 80 kW.


Column power

When you are offered columns for rent, it is very important to know what power they are offering you - peak or real. Peak speaker power is the maximum power that can be reached in a very short period of time after which the speaker burns out. In practice, you don't care about this power. The real power is the power at which the column can work for a long time without sound distortion and burning.


Other accessories for dubbing under German

We also offer audio amplifiers, microphones (wired and wireless), signal processors, audio mixers, height-adjustable column stands and other sound equipment rentals.



Some audio mixers we offer for rent

Some types of microphones we offer for rent


You can book an appointment for a free consultation with our specialist. Consultations can be in person at our office or yours, as well as online.

The consultation is not tied to a purchase!

The purpose of consultations is to enable customers to make an informed decision when renting equipment or requesting a service.


Use our calculator to find out what the cost of renting equipment for your event will be

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