Lighting and effect machines for hire

Because every event needs light as well as special effects

 We have a wide range of lighting and effects machines available for hire. Our consultants would advise you how much and what kind of lighting is needed for your event. 

It is important to us to provide the technology that will really work for you and make your event spectacular. With the help of the calculator, you can estimate yourself how much it will cost you to rent the necessary equipment.

Technical parameters 

basic types of lighting fixtures and effect machines

– Led par/Led par

– Moving head/Moving head – by themselves, moving heads are of different types – Beam, Wash, Spot

– Laser/Laser

- Smoke machines - for haze, normal and machine for heavy/low smoke (heavy fog)

– Confetti/Confetti machine



You can book an appointment for a free consultation with our specialist. Consultations can be in person at our office or yours, as well as online.

The consultation is not tied to a purchase!

The purpose of consultations is to enable customers to make an informed decision when renting equipment or requesting a service.


Use our calculator to find out what the cost of renting equipment for your event will be

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