Furniture for events for rent

We offer a wide range of furniture rental for events: 

  • Lecture chair for rent with digital screen 
  • Chairs/Armchairs for rent (for speakers, discussions, for the public /visitor chairs/)
  • Sofas for rent 


For specific inquiries, please contact us by phone: +359896838383 or by e-mail: [email protected] 

Lecture chair for rent

Lecture chair for rent

We offer a lectern for rent with a built-in digital screen. 

The screen allows for easy and quick changing of logos, names of lecturers, display of videos, etc. during the speaker's speech. A digital screen saves your event budget for printing materials while giving a modern look and contributing to the branding and visibility of the event. 


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Chairs, armchairs and sofas for rent

Suitable for speakers, discussions, for the public, visitor chairs, etc.

Our team can offer elegant armchairs, chairs and sofas for rent for discussion panels, presentations, conferences, seminars, webinars, filming interviews, etc. 

We have conference/visitor chairs available for hire. 



You can book an appointment for a free consultation with our specialist. Consultations can be in person at our office or yours, as well as online.

The consultation is not tied to a purchase!

The purpose of consultations is to enable customers to make an informed decision when renting equipment or requesting a service.


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