Live streaming is the best way to promote your event online!

Vibe Systems operates with new, professional live broadcasting technology that allows us to produce the highest quality broadcasts on the market. We broadcast corporate events, forums, sports competitions, debates, meetings, seminars, etc. 

Technical parameters

The reception of the picture from the cameras to the central computer is done by means of optical armored cables. Thanks to this technology, we can receive a signal from long distances (up to 20 km) with almost zero delay and no loss of picture quality.

Logos, video clips, drone and action camera footage, timers, presentations, music, etc. can be added to the live broadcast (Live Streaming). 

Our team will be happy to assist in the creation of various skins and hats for the beginning and end of the stream, name tiles to be displayed to the speakers and other visual effects. 


How to fund (monetize) live streaming?

There are basically two options:

  • One option is to find sponsors to get ad time on the stream. Sponsors pay for product placement such as the options listed above (logos, videos, text messages, etc.
  • The other option is suitable for seminars and workshops where the information is strictly specific. Then people watching the event can be billed online. Accordingly, after making an online payment, users receive a link to the live streaming and can watch.


Platform selection

You choose the most suitable platform for Live Streaming: Facebook, Youtube, Zoom, your website or another.


Gallery of events where we have provided the Live Streaming service.

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