Translation booths

We offer cabins behind simultaneous translation under rent. We have с 4 br two-seater professional soundproofed cabins.

 Options on the cabins

- 160х160 cm.

- gates

- lamp

- ventilation




Unlimited receivers


No limit on the number of languages ​​for translation

2 km

Stable signal transmission up to 2 km

Touch screen

Translators switch languages ​​via a tablet and the entire system is digital

Along with the cabins we offer:

- set behind translators

- headphones с microphone

- digital mixer

- amplifier behind headphones

- tablet (digitally switching on the languages without buttons. On this one way the translators they see always on which language they say и ce decreases the possibility from error)

- Radio frequency transmitters behind signal - that е nai-the good one option! (nyama interruptions as with infrared the systems и може calmly Yes ce comes out from the hall or wanted to и Yes continue Yes you are listening the translation)

receivers with headphones


Това е possible nai-the good one option behind simultaneous translation on the market, а prices nor yet in and surprise nicely!




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